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The lawn mowing program is based on an a 30 week season, beginning in late March and ending in November. Weather permitting, the lawn will be cut every 7 days on a routine basis.

Included in mowing:

A. Trash, sticks, and other debris are collected and removed.

B. Sidewalks and any other concrete bordering will be trimmed.

C. All mulch beds will be trimmed.

D. All drives, walkways and entrances will be edged and left in a neat and clean condition, free of grass clippings.

Our policy is to promote a strong and healthy lawn. Mowing patterns are changed to reduce wear.


Spring cleanup is performed between March and May (weather permitting).

A. Leaves, sticks and other debris are collected and removed from beds and trees.

B. Pruning of shrubs, and groundcover is performed.

C. An edge will be cut around all trees and bed lines.

D. A pre-emergent grass/weed control is applied to all beds.

E. All beds will receive a 1-2 inch layer of dark hardwood bark mulch.

F. All work areas are cleaned and left in the neat condition.


This program provides the correct amount of nutrients required to maintain a healthy and attractive lawn.

We recommend a five application program. Which includes:

1. Pre-Emergent, for crabgrass control.

2. Three applications of fertilizer, to promote root growth. (Applied in spring, summer and fall).

3. Post-Emergent, for broadleaf weed control.
(Broadleaf weeds include dandelions, ground ivy, clover, etc.)


For best results, aeration should be preformed in late fall and early spring. The aeration process allows the soil to breathe and germinate new seed to be sown, providing a healthier lawn.


A. Shrubs and ornamental trees have developed new growth by mid summer, that must be trimmed and/or pruned. All debris will be raked up and removed, (or disposed).

B. A final light pruning is performed in the fall. This is very important for most trees and scrubs to prepare them for winter dormancy. It also leaves the property looking great for the winter months.

C. Extensive thinning and/or trimming may be required for those trees and/or shrubs which have overgrown their desired area.

Note-Large trees (over 25’ in height) are excluded from this program. In the event that large trees do need pruning or removed, we will have a tree specialist assist us in meeting your needs or requirements. This may result in an additional charge.


This service is to minimize weeds and weed-like material in the pavement and curbs joints, as well as the driveway/parking areas, gravel drives and utility areas.


Spring annual displays are planted in conjunction with the Spring Cleanup, (weather permitting).

A. The main body of your display will consist of dependable performing annuals. Followed by a border plant, to accent the main body, when applicable.

B. All new floral material is then watered-in thoroughly.

Note-If special of custom displays are desired, please contact us before work is performed.


A. For areas that are heavily populated with large and mature trees, leaf removal is a must for maintaining a clean, orderly appearance. Fall is a key period for the rejuvenation of the turfgrass and it is extremely important that leaves do not cover the grass for long periods of time.

A. Once the leaves begin to fall, mowing crews take extra time to cut the leaves into small, fine pieces during routine mowing.

B. When leaves start falling in heavy volume, they are gathered together and removed.

C. A final, touch-up leaf removal visit may be preformed in the late fall, to leave the appearance of your property neat and clean over the winter months. If leaf removal is preferred on an on-call basis, additional costs may be incurred.


Our services are designed to support your goals of maintaining a safe and functional environment.

A. Lot will be plowed when snowfall accumulates to 1 or more inches.

B. All walkways will be shoveled when snowfall accumulates to 1 or more inches.

C. Salt is applied to prevent freezing or slippery conditions.

Note-Separate agreements are presented for this service. Unless specified in annual contract. (Geographical limitations do occur).


Listed below is a partial list of additional services they we offer. Please feel free to contact us if you have needs that are not listed.

A. Landscape upgrades and/or enhancements including:

  • Replacement and/or Addition of trees or shrubs

  • Landscape lighting

  • Hardscape improvements

B. Turf disease and turf insect control.

C. Bush hogging of acreage.


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